If yo4463529470_f1a00e6f91_bu hear nothing else we’re telling you, hear this: Do not go without Thieves Essential Oil Blend in your life in SOME capacity…


The Legendary Thieves

Thieves is an oil blend that has been scientifically proven to have a 99.96% kill rate on airborne bacteria when diffused (don’t even get us started on our diffusers! We’ll show you how you can get one too here). The legend goes that during the Bubonic Plague, a group of spice traders robbed the diseased dead bodies without becoming ill.They were eventually caught and offered a less torturous demise if they would give up their secret for how they thieved the dead and dying plague victims but never caught the highly contagious illness killing people off by the thousands. The recipe was a mixture of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary– the ingredients which make up YL’s Thieves Oil blend. Legend has it that the giving up of this recipe was the beginning of the end of the plague.


And modern use is still showing incredible results. In 1997, only a few years after Gary Young developed the Thieves Oil Blend, a study done at Weber State University showed it to have a 96% reduction in Pneumonia bacteria and a 44% reduction of Staph bacteria from the air after only ten minutes of exposure!


Young Living’s Thieves Products

Can you see why I’m totally crazy about Thieves? The great news is that Young Living has developed a whole line of household products you will want to use EVERY DAY containing this legendary Thieves oil. There is an amazing cleaner that is totally green and safe– not that I’d let her, but if my 1-year-old wanted to drink it, she could. Yeah! Whip around your home cleaning your surfaces with this powerhouse of a cleaner and you will revolutionize the health of your entire family. I make laundry soap with it, we brush our teeth with Young Living’s Thieves toothpaste (…because who wants to go to the dentist more than they have to?), and wash our hands with Young Living’s foaming hand soap. They also have hand purifier which isn’t made with alcohol (so it won’t dry your hands out!) and also doesn’t aid in the spread of superbugs by causing bacteria morphing!


Okay, so you’ve gotta be curious now and wanting to try this for yourself. Let me tell you exactly what I do to keep my family healthy on those long, dark, germ-ridden winter days. Everybody has a bedtime ritual and in our house my whole family, from my hubby down to the baby, line up before bed to have a drop of Thieves rubbed on the bottoms of their feet. All the nerve-endings in the human body are in the soles of our feet so it’s a great place to apply any of the oils. I also diffuse Thieves in our home at least every other day (there’s that awesome diffuser again– retailing at $75, but you’ll get it thrown in to your wholesale start-up kit!).


So that’s my secret! 


And to top all of that off, when you sign up with us, you can get all of these products wholesale. It’s almost too good to be true, but we know from personal experience… it’s not 🙂


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