So, in case it’s not abundantly obvious, we get great joy from finding health and wellness for ourselves and our families through Young Living’s products. There are literally hundreds of products for you to discover for yourselves, but we want to introduce you here to our favorite few to start you on your way to your own experience of Oily Joy!


The Premium Starter Kit     NinjXia Red®     Thieves Product Line



…But are they affordable?


Okay, by now you know they’re great. I mean, who wouldn’t choose an all-natural alternative to harsh chemicals rife with side-effects on our bodies? But you’re wondering, how can this “liquid miracle” possibly be affordable?


When I, Cathy, signed up for wholesale membership with Young Living after hearing about it from my daughter Hannah, I wondered, “Is this going to be just one more thing that sits around my house collecting dust?” While I was waiting for my kit to arrive, I kept having the nagging thought that I had probably just wasted money. I am happy to report that I now believe this was one of the wisest investments of my life! In just a few short days after receiving my oils I decided that the price of the kit was worth it, if only for the Lavender and Peace & Calming. With those oils, I sleep like a baby and keep my sometimes roaring anxiety level tolerable throughout whatever the day throws at me. I have used every single oil in the Premium Starter Kit for one thing or another and I have discovered that I LOVE each and every one of them. And I’m forever expanding my collection of oil through my Essential Rewards orders, because whether supporting my physical health or my emotional wellness, they just plain work– naturally and effectively!


And, when all calculations are added up, they are surprisingly affordable. You see, there are approximately 250 drops of oil in a 15ml bottle, and approximately 85 in a 5ml. Here at OilyJoy, we normally just use our oils one drop at a time. So, a drop of Thieves oil, for example would work out to about 13 cents at wholesale prices. Thirteen cents a drop– to support your health and prevent you the costs of co-pays on doctor’s visits & prescriptions; 13 cents a drop to save you the cost of over the counter drugs, and sick days off work. All those things considered, the average cost (to someone with health insurance) for the inconvenience of a bout of poor health is about $130 a pop! The cost of the Premium Starter Kit for wholesale membership is only $150 (with a retail value of $296.42)– a one time purchase that includes 11 oils AND a diffuser, and unlimited support to your God-given immune system!


That said, I have to admit– I was pretty disappointed at first that Young Living was a multi-level company and I couldn’t go out and purchase these gifts from God in stores. But then I realized, what better way to get the education out about these precious oils than through us passionate consumers as Independent Distributors? As Wholesale Members, we get the unspent advertising dollars in perks– discounts, promotions, and free products using the Essential Rewards Program. And if we decide to share our new found wellness with others, we get it back in a commission-based income! We can even make it our on-the-side or full-time business. How awesome is that? But the choice is totally left up to us and at no time do we ever have to start selling a thing. We can simply be wholesale members to take advantage of the awesome prices and perks, and to use the oils to foster the health and wellness of ourselves and our families.


So What are you Waiting for?

Come join the Joilers on your road to good health. You’ll be glad you did because with wholesale membership, you can save literally hundreds and thousands of dollars while infusing your home and your life with these all-natural products which are not sold in stores. Given by God for our health and holistic wellness, maybe it’s time for you to discover what you’ve been missing…


Click the button to sign up for wholesale membership and receive a Premium Starter kit worth nearly $300 for only $150, and to receive 24% off every future order, or to place a retail order of any of Young Living’s products…

Oil Me Up!