There’s an old Irish proverb that says, “It is in the shelter of each other that people live.” As a company, Young Living exemplifies this in its very make-up– distributor-run, compensation-plan incomes. By reaching out and helping people find holistic health for their families, distributors are able to provide for our families. Gary & Mary Young have built it to be relational at its core, rather than being your run-of-the-mill commercial business.


But beyond that, Young Living has always been innately altruistic in other ways. From using wild-craft harvesting techniques on their farms to cause as little harm to the earth as possible as well as creating the purest oil, to building a school and starting a child sponsorship program in Ecuador, and donating thousands of dollars and pure, therapeutic essential oils to causes across the world through the D. Gary Young Foundation. This commitment to loving other people well with every blessing given was a huge draw for the OilyJoy team when we were each introduced to essential oils.


In that same vein, we believe that God gives to each of us in order that we might pay it forward– that this is His economy; It is in the shelter of each other that people live. We all have different things to give, be it talent, time, money, food, or a listening ear. There’s no one-size-fits-all, but here at OilyJoy, we have a vision to use the platform of our group of joyful oilers– The Joilers—  to throw a light on some of the worthy causes throughout the world that could use a little bit of what each of us have to give. Each month, we will be high-lighting on the OilyJoy blog a worthwhile cause or ministry for our Joilers and you to hold up in prayer (if you pray) and to help you consider how you can help be a shelter for your fellow man. Stay tuned in to the blog as these various giving opportunities are unveiled and stories of hope and healing are shared, and see what moves in your heart and your life as you do!


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