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The most common ways we use our oils is to apply them topically to the skin over the area of the body you’re treating, or on the soles of your feet. All of the nerve endings in your body are concentrated in your feet! Other great areas are the spine, or neck. We also diffuse drops of oil into the atmosphere of our homes with our home diffusers, which maximizes the benefit to your whole family as they breathe in. We also fill gel caps with specific oils to swallow depending upon the ailment we’re addressing, or you can simply drop the oil right into the back of your throat (Watch out; some can be very strong!). But even just rubbing a drop into your hands, cupping them over your nose, and inhaling deeply will have huge benefits when working with such therapeutic and effective oils as Young Living produces.
Every 20 to 30 minutes when coming down with an illness, says Dr. Peter Minke. Using them at short intervals gives you a good chance of stopping a full-blown case of that illness. When you feel well and are generally healthy, we Joilers say 1 to 2 applications a day are all you need.
Young Living’s therapeutic-grade oils don’t! In fact, there have been clay pots found in ancient Egyptian tombs with essential oils still retaining their original properties. Just keep your oils in their well-sealed bottle and they will last your whole lifetime—if you can keep from using them up, that is 🙂
Because of quality and effectiveness. Why spend ANYTHING on an oil that might smell nice but doesn’t benefit your family, when you could spend more and see dramatically better health for you and your loved ones? According to the FDA guidelines for therapeutic-grade oil labeling, a bottle of oil legally need contain only 5% of the natural oil in order to be labeled 100% pure– which leaves 95% junk in those cheap bottles you’re buying. What?! Young Living has a unique full-disclosure, seed-to-seal process which guarantees purity and potency. There’s nothing to hide! Just ultimate quality in oils. And, when you add up the pennies, the average cost of a drop of Young Living oil is about $0.13, depending on which oil. A 15ml bottle holds about 250 drops! Visit our pages on Why Young Living Oils? & This Way to Joyful Wellness for more information…
Essential Oils are highly concentrated, with molecules so small that they can cross the blood-brain barrier to the amygdala, the emotional and memory center of the brain. Many essential oils aid in the processing of emotionally traumatic memories. To learn more, we recommend doing some searches on ylsearch.com or asking a Joiler about their experiences and the experiences of their loved ones who use the oils!
Nope. Our oils don’t go on greasy and will not clog pores!
No. There are actually a number of kits you can buy to start you on your way to joyful wellness, but the Premium Starter Kit is the one we recommend for its sheer value for your money. The Basic Plus Starter Kit costs $75 for a diffuser, one 5ml bottle of oil, and a few samples (and all the helpful literature too, but, come on, what good does it do to read about the oils if we don’t have them in our hands to use!). The Basic Starter Kit is $40 for one 5ml bottle of oil and a few samples (and that handy-dandy literature again). The Premium Starter Kit has everything in those other kits, PLUS 10 of the most common oils you’ll use on a daily basis, so you can actually get started experiencing them before you know what else you want to order with your wholesale membership. You just can’t beat almost $300 worth of product for only $160!
Absolutely there is! When you join the Joilers, you can be added to our exclusive Joilers’ community where you will find more resources on the oils than you’ll ever have time to get through 🙂 In the meantime, have him read our pages The 411 on Essential Oils, Why Young Living?, and TestimoniOILs
Nope. You can certainly just order your kit and go on your merry little way and never think of us again. We won’t be offended! Our sassy little name to signify those of us who find great joy in our oils is just a fun way of letting you know that there is a team of people willing to teach you anything you’d like to know and help you along should you like to build a business sharing the oils. And we offer you a place where you can go to find everything you’d need to learn and to share!