meetteam2We are so glad you’re here

and can’t wait to hear your stories and to tell you ours. Come on in and get to know us! Let’s get cozy with one another as we journey on toward optimal health together when you join the Joilers!

hannah-drop1Hannah                                          Hi, I’m Hannah! I’m sitting here thinking about what to say to you guys and have decided– since I’m pretty much an open book– I’ll just tell you everything… Kidding! That might take awhile. Why not just stick to what’s important for now?


I am a daughter of the most amazing Heavenly Father and truly believe He has laid this passion on my heart to share the gift of these oils with each of you. I am a wife to a great man, Joel, who has a true servant’s heart. I’ve been blessed to be by his side in marriage since 2002! I am a mother to five of the most precious children; Abigail, Emily, Kenan, Gracelyn, and another little man on the way. Our home is a crazy one where chaos can be found right up until bedtime! I am their teacher as well as the official kisser (and oiler!) of boo-boos, reader of many story book collections, and giver of bedtime cuddles. I cherish nothing more in this life than my role as their mommy!


For the last decade or so, natural health has become an obsession of mine. I try very hard to take care of my family with healthy eating habits and by using green and organic products. You can imagine how delighted I was to find Young Living oils and have an all-natural resource to keep us as healthy as can be. I am so in love with these oils and their uses and can’t learn enough or share enough about them with you! We’ve kind of dubbed it my ‘Oily Passion’. It will become yours too! I’m so thrilled to be on this amazing journey and cannot wait to have you on it by my side…



Hello, I’m Heiki. Hmmm, where to start! Well, a little bit about me… I am a follower of Christ and, Wow! He has blessed my life! He has taken me down many paths and has been there for me even when I’ve tried to go out on my own. I am so thankful for His faithful friendship and for where He has brought me to now. Here!


I am so honored to walk alongside a great man, my husband over a decade! Incredible! We are blessed with three children– two boys and a girl. They  teach me more than I could ever teach them– and I am their school teacher!! Our house is a busy one (do you know the type?), from homeschooling, sports, and three dogs, as well as all the things I like to do “on the side” (ha!). Even though some days are exhausting, I love every bit of this crazy life.

My work and my passions meet when I’m wearing one of my numerous hats: part of the team here at OilyJoy, proprietor of Heiki Gross Photography, or in my various roles at my local Pregnancy Resource Center. I love to watch God move in my life!


I can’t wait to chat with you and get to know you as we team up to spread all of this oily joy around 🙂

leah-dropleahIt’s so lovely to meet you! I’m Leah and I’m the Creative Writer/Editor/Designer&Website Builder here at OilyJoy. Let me tell you, getting this thing off the ground has been quite an empowering adventure– I mean, what the heck’s a css? The thing is, when you find something incredibly worth sharing, you do whatever it takes to get it out there.


Perhaps that’s why my life since I was 19 has been spent abroad– mainly across Europe– sharing the bold love & hopeful grace of Jesus in cross-cultural ministry; until my tall, dark, and handsome Brit and I decided to have our fairytale wedding in my parents’ backyard in 2013! I wish I could put into words how the Lord has touched me through walking me down foreign streets & into the homes of strangers; through holding orphans in my arms and whispering prayers over their heads…


After earning my BA in Theology in the UK, I now run a small photography & design business in central MN, and do some freelance writing on the side (mostly for OilyJoy, at the moment!). I’m a rather undisciplined blogger, love to read (especially classic lit & poetry!), adore Thai curry (yum!) and in-depth Bible study and thrifting (though usually not all at the same time :)), and am besotted with travel! I’m wild about the gorgeous husband God gave me, and about the dreams we have for building a family and a life together in the years to come. I just want to use my every breath to speak of my magnificent and gentle God until every hopeless thing knows His hope…

trish-dropTrishaHi there, I’m Trisha ((waves))
and there’s really nothing more important for you to know about me than that I’m head over heels in love with God! I’m one of those people that others worry about because I have “freaky faith.” I’m determined to live that life God told me I could live by believing for things I can’t quite see yet. Yep, I’m one of those 🙂


I live in Northern MN where the winters make you feel like you’re going insane!! But my boys and husband love it here because there are lakes, fish, and deer, so I put up with it. Speaking of boys, I have four of them: ages 12, 9, 6, and 3. Needless to say, my house is always loud and full of energy. We home-school, so most of my time is spent finding creative ways to teach my boys. In the wee hours of the night, I enjoy researching all things related to health and nutrition. I love meeting the needs of my family with a natural approach. Yep, I’m one of those too 🙂


The only other thing that might be helpful to know about me is that I have a little addiction. My friends and family call me a researchaholic. Although I’ve totally made peace with it, I don’t think my poor hubby has (giggle). For some reason, when I’m faced with a question that I can’t answer, I become obsessed with finding one. Even if it’s at dinnertime (blush), or even if it keeps me up ’til 3:00 in the morning. My husband hasn’t quite seen the value in that yet (hehe), but YOU will!!! You see, I won’t be able to help myself when it comes to helping you attain the knowledge you need to meet your own family’s needs with these products. I double-dog-dare you to give ’em a try and see if they don’t become a passion of your own!!


Hello, my name’s Cathy and I have so been looking forward to meeting you! Within days of receiving my Premium Starter Kit in 2012, I knew I had stumbled upon a simply awesome gift from God. People seem to think essential oils are a “New Age” thing– but there’s nothing ‘new-agey’ about them when mentions of them jump off the pages of the Old & New Testaments!


Married for 38 years, I’m the proud Mom of five children– my two fantastic daughters Hannah & Leah are even on this team with me! I now have seven grandchildren who totally rock my world and steal my heart all over again on a daily basis. In my spare time (what’s that?), I enjoy trying to get through all the books I’ve amassed on my bookshelves, following my Bible studies, rollerblading and taking bike rides on summer evenings (yes, this Grandma has clocked some miles! Usually with a few grandkids in tow!!), and finding a peaceful spot to vacation whenever the chance arises. The surest thing I know in life is that without the grace and strength of the God who loves me, I would not have made it this far. It’s all His grace…


My professional career has mainly been as the bookkeeper & accountant for our businesses– so it follows that I’d be gung-ho on the business side of Young Living! With all my kiddos grown and gone, I am first in line for tickets to any convention or event to learn more about working with Young Living. I love to explain YL’s marketing plan and the business end of the oils for those of you who are making a go of it! I am so excited about this career path I’m on and would jump at the chance to help you, whether just learning to use the oils or developing a business with Young Living!