joinjoilersWhat exactly is “a Joiler”? A Joiler is an executive director of a non-profit. A Joiler is a busy stay-at-home Mom. A Joiler is an elementary school teacher, a photographer, a nurse, a bookkeeper, a missionary. It’s a mom, a husband, a daughter, a friend. A Joiler is someone just like YOU!


You see, when you sign up for wholesale membership with Young Living through one of us or anyone connected with us (and you’ll know– they’ll tell you :)), you are instantly eligible to become a Joiler like us– a Joyful Oiler–, and have access to all of our awesome resources about the Young Living oils we all know and love!


Many people simply sign-up to receive wholesale prices on their oils, make-up, or cleaning supplies for their families and themselves. Some sign-up a few friends just to make enough residual income to pay for a monthly order (Oooh, check out the Essential Rewards Program ASAP!). But ANYONE can choose to take it a step further and create a business by sharing about these all-natural products which have changed their health, and so, changed their lives.


Now, creating your own Young Living business is easier than ever for anyone signing up for wholesale membership through us at OilyJoy! When you join the Joilers, you are allowed access to hundreds of resources for the best use of your oils, and also for easily sharing about your oils– as well as a dedicated team of fellow independent distributors to learn from, partner with, teach with– probably even laugh with, cry with, and maybe grab some lunch with/shop with/travel with/share your deepest secrets with– you just never know! We’re a friendly bunch, we are 🙂




We’ll walk you through signing up for your wholesale membership with Young Living Essential Oils here.

Start your Wholesale Account


And then, upon receiving your Young Living Member ID #, you can join The Joilers, our exclusive member’s club. Make sure your upline adds you to our private Facebook group and then come introduce yourself. CANNOT WAIT to see you there, you Joyful Oiler, you!