We know we make what may seem a flagrant claim when we tell you that Young Living is the best (the ONLY, as far as we’re concerned!) company on the market when it comes to growing, distilling, and selling Essential Oils. But pull up a chair and give us a chance to tell you why…


Our Oil of Joy

When comparing essential oil companies, there truly is no comparison. Young Living have set the industry standard on EOs– check around and you’ll find that they are the company to which all other EO manufacturers compare.



It starts with a story…

Young Living’s founder, Gary Young, was paralyzed at the beginning of his journey with EOs. He was in a logging accident at age 24, and spent three years in a wheelchair before regaining feeling in his toes! Thirteen years later, he was running a half-marathon and working out ways to share his passion for natural healing with the world. With a degree in Nutrition and a doctorate in Naturopathy, Young has been actively researching all across the globe and developing this unique company for over 30 years. He’s considered a foremost authority in the field. And in our conversations with him, just a really great guy to boot!


From Seed-to-Seal

We think one of the coolest things about YL is their full disclosure policy. We as distributors, from the most recent sign-up to the highest up in the company, can go to YL farms across the world and partake in the planting of the seeds and the harvesting of the plants, witnessing their unique seed-to-seal process. We love that YL has nothing to hide– the oils are pure from start to finish!


When researching EO companies, we fell in love with the fact that Young Living owns their own farms all across the globe. They grow seeds that are specially selected to be as therapeutic as possible and are grown in practices that go beyond organic to what is termed “wild-crafted” (For a little more info on this AWESOME form of farming, good ol’ wiki can help you out :)), being careful to make sure no pesticide or chemical comes in contact with the plants or even the land their seeds are planted in.


The distillation process is just as unique; Young Living’s founder Gary Young, after studying ancient practice as well as apprenticing with European distilling masters, designed his own steam process that uses extremely low pressure and low temperatures to ensure that the oils are distilled at the highest therapeutic grade possible. Although many EO companies claim on their labels to make a 100% pure product, when looking into how they are actually distilled, you’ll be disappointed to find the use of chemicals, preservatives, and solvents. In fact, according to FDA guidelines for therapeutic-grade oil labeling, they legally need to contain only 5% of the natural oil they are claiming to be– that leaves 95% junk! At Gary Young’s insistence, Young Living’s distillation process allows for none of that. Young Living EOs are truly all-natural. And so, they can truly work in your body to the best benefit God intended them for!


Young Living thoroughly tests each and every batch of oil to meet both external AFNOR and ISO standards as well as to meet their own stringent internal standards developed through Gary Young’s years of studying, research, and practice across the world. In fact, if an oil reflects any imperfections, Young Living’s policy is to reject the whole batch. Young Living uses 6 different internal testing methods– Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Refractive Indexing, Specific Gravity, Flash Point, and Optical Rotation– as well as submitting to third-party testing. Only after they pass these rigorous tests with 100% purity are they sealed for purchase, guaranteed for their purity and potency.


If you’ve spent any time researching therapeutic-grade essential oils, you have probably heard a great deal about Young Living already as it’s been setting industry standards for the last 20 years. Maybe you’ve heard a little about a company that has popped up in the last few years and sets itself up as Young Living’s main competitor. It’s worth noting that this ‘other company’ (we don’t want to name names, wink, wink!) doesn’t own a single farm of its own, nor any distilleries. Not a one. How they can “certify” the 100% purity of their brokered oils, we’ll never know… But with the integrity and transparency of Young Living (and the fact that it owns its own farms and runs its own distilleries across the world), we’ll ALWAYS know we can trust that our oils are truly pure and therapeutic.


As the global leader in pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, Young Living offers the largest variety of essential oils to consumers, as well as many everyday products for your home employing the all-natural strength of essential oils, like Thieves cleaning products, and Savvy Minerals make-up line.


…It Ends with an Opportunity

We love Young Living first for the quality of its therapeutic-grade oils and the fact that they work! But we love it secondly for the opportunity it gives to have a rewarding home-based business. YL Essential Oils could have been put on store shelves like everything else, but Gary Young liked the idea of it being a relational business– one person grateful for health and healing, sharing their story with another; teaching one another, partnering with one another.


YL offers the most competitive commissions and rewards in the market to its independent distributors– but you can sign up for wholesale membership without selling one single oil. (Watch out; as they improve your life and you tell people how, they start to sell themselves!)


Are you interested in joining us in sharing something you’re passionate about and making an income while you’re at it?  Or do you just want to get yourself some incredible products at wholesale prices?

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