Did you think Essential Oils were only meant for the spa? Think again…


Thousands of years ago Essential oils were commonplace in everyone’s homes. In Biblical accounts, they’re spoken of as flippantly as we would speak of your go-to pain reliever! These days, with everything from your household cleaning supplies, your shampoos and lotions, your daily vitamins, to your foods being laced with harmful chemicals, the detoxifying effect of truly pure (and that’s the most important thing!) essential oils is more vital to have in our daily lives than ever.


Young Living Essential Oils are all-natural– the product of distilling the plants that God gave the earth to meet our various needs. The concentration of the distilling process makes each drop hundreds of times more effective than the fresh plant or dried herb just as it is.


Our oils are transforming lives across the globe, as they’re transforming products we all use everyday. No longer just for bath & body products, or even nutritional supplements, completely non-toxic essential oils are proving better cleaning products than the chemicals on the market, to better (and healthier) cosmetics in Young Living’s Savvy Minerals make-up line!


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How They Work…

Ready to be fascinated by the way pure therapeutic-grade essential oils work? Because of the size of the molecules in EOs after distillation (under 500 amus– I bet you’re looking up that word right now!), and the fact that they’re fat soluble, they’re able to pass the blood-brain barrier through the olfactory nerve to the limbic area of the brain when inhaled. The oils work to raise our electromagnetic frequency– the higher this frequency, the better health we are in. A dying person has a frequency of 25 or below– it’s 0 when you’re flat-lined. A healthy person has an average frequency between about 62-68. You’re susceptible to illness when your frequency drops to 58. It follows that every living thing has an electromagnetic frequency, including the fruits and veggies we eat– hence, the more fresh and raw they are, the better for us they are! Fresh produce has 5-10 MGz, fresh herbs have 20-27 (does it make sense now why they’ve been used for hundreds of years for their health benefits?), and essential oils– made of the “life blood” of the plant– have frequencies of 52 to over 400!! The highest frequencies of all substances known to man…


Ahead of his time, world-famous Researcher, Physicist, and Electrical & Mechanical Engineer Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) said that if we could eliminate certain outside frequencies that interfered in our bodies, we would have greater resistance to disease. While eliminating such “outside frequencies” might be nearly impossible, Young Living’s pure EOs go a step further by going in and finding the gaps such interruptions have made in our cells and helping to restore balance through natural communication with our cells via the molecular compounds found in essential oils– namely, phenols, monoterpenes, and sesquiterpenes–  returning balance at the cellular level through restoring healthy frequency in our body systems.


Essential oils are not drugs, they are elements of the natural world, like fruits and veggies. And because nature creates these products, their properties vary slightly from season to season, meaning that no pathogen can become resistant to them like the super-bugs which are morphing to become resistant to the same man-made chemicals that used to kill them. Intelligent, natural, and safe– we can’t say enough about the benefits of these little all-natural gifts from God! We use our Young Living essential oils topically, internally through swallowing them in gel-caps or just a drop down the throat, and by diffusing them into our air to breathe.


But Not All Oils Are Created Equal

EOs are best known in terms of aromatherapy. Most oil producers worldwide distill their oils for fragrances. But there is a BIG difference between an oil made for perfume and a therapy-grade essential oil. A great deal factors into an oil’s purity– such as the soil conditions, climate, altitude, harvest season, harvesting methods, the part of the plant from which the oil is produced, the distillation process, etc… The various compounds in an essential oil are very delicate and easily changed by the materials of the tools used on them, and the pressure and heat under which they are distilled. Under no circumstance should EO be distilled from plants which have come into contact with pesticides and other agrochemicals, as the distillation process can toxify the compounds. Distilling therapy-grade EOs is a super delicate process– which is why we ONLY trust Young Living EOs and their seed-to-seal process.6690496333_7ae6019806_b-001


Since most EOs on the market are sold for aromatherapy, their constituents are often synthetically made as it’s cheaper and quicker to do in a lab than to wait out the natural seasons and distill carefully and properly. But those EOs made mainly for aromatherapy should never be used as therapeutic-grade oils can be– never rubbed on the skin, NEVER swallowed, and personally, we don’t even like to breathe them when they’re damaging if ingested! Why put that stuff in/on your darling little body?!


To top it all off, Young Living is committed to compliance with FDA regulations and is on the forefront of establishing a worldwide standard of essential oil quality. Of all the essential oil produced in the world, most are made for fragrance purposes, and only a very few are distilled to the quality of therapeutic-use. When it comes to therapeutic-grade essential oils, Young Living is THE trusted name worldwide.


About now you might be wondering to yourself, “Well, where do I get my hands on some of these?” Let me show you…

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