How to Gift Young Living Wholesale Membership

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We all have them: those impossible to shop for family members or friends which you dread thinking about each Christmas or birthday because they already seem to have everything you can come up with to give them…

Good news! This year, we’ve got you covered.


Merry Christmas to All, And to All, Good Health!

Do you know you can order Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit as a gift? As of March 2017, new members don’t even have to input their SSN to sign up. So giving a starter kit as a gift is super easy, just fill out the form with your giftee’s information! Just make sure you don’t have any correspondence (like order confirmation!) sent to them until after Christmas or you’ll spoil the surprise 🙂

With their Premium Starter Kit under the tree, not only do they get a diffuser of your choice, 11 oils, all the start-up info, and some NingXia Red samples, but they also receive 24% off future purchases– no strings attached. IF they never order something more, their account simply goes inactive. But if they do… well, they could just be starting a whole new life for themselves!

When you sign them up with us, you also give them the gift of a helpful, informative, exclusive team (The Joilers) to act as a resource for them as they start learning how to use their oils in their homes and families– and even build their business, should they so desire.


Other Ways to Give

You don’t have to sign your friends and family up for their own wholesale accounts in order to gift them with the health benefits of Young Living’s pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. You can simply purchase them a starter kit under your own account and gift to them them. The downside here is that your friend/family member won’t be able to reorder anything more at wholesale pricing unless they get their own wholesale account (at which point they’d have to purchase another starter kit) or unless you place an order for them using your account again. Also, they won’t be plugged into an oil community with resources like we have for you as Joilers, and they won’t get any helpful correspondence from Young Living since, again, they have no account in their name.

OR, you can check out the hundreds of incredible health-benefiting products available from Young Living and find them a unique gift they will not find in stores since you have access to it all as a wholesale member! Everything from Make-up (Have you seen the new Savvy Minerals line?) to protein powder to bath and personal care, and everything chemical-free, natural, and health-enhancing! (And, did you know that each month Young Living offers a different set of free products when you spend 100, 190, 250, or 300pv? We’re talking about COMPLETELY free oils given to you just for placing your order at or above those amounts. Incredible value!)

What could be better than giving the gift of health this Christmas?!

If you have any questions, connect with us in The Joilers Facebook group or talk to your enroller or sponsor today. But hurry; time before Christmas is running out fast!

With Love,
The OilyJoy Team

A Do-It-Yourself Valentine’s Day with Young Living Essential Oils

It’s Valentine’s Day…

And here at OilyJoy we’ve gathered together for you a few romantic do-it-yourself oil recipes to add a little va-va-voom to your Valentine’s weekend! Your Valentine will thank you 🙂

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Go and enjoy your love this Valentine’s Weekend!


Your OilyJoy team

How to Clean your Young Living Home Diffuser

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cleandiffuserDo you run your diffuser chock full of various potent drops of essential oils pretty much every day and every night? I know I do… Young Living’s ultrasonic Home Diffuser is a fabulous way to ensure that everyone in your home experiences the therapeutic benefits of your Young Living essential oils– and keeps those room deodorizers containing up to 37% formaldehyde* out of our living space and out of our airways!


But with so much daily use, eventually the inside and the purple top on my Home Diffuser starts to get a little scale-y and brown, kinda like giant tea stains all over that beautiful machine that gives my family so much and asks for so little in return!


The booklet that comes with your Home Diffuser says this about keeping it clean:

“Always turn off and unplug prior to cleaning. To ensure proper performance, clean the ultrasonic plate and lid after each use. If essential oil begins to build up on the plate, gently wipe it off using the included cleaning sponge or a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. If essential oils build up on the lid, gently wipe it off using mild soap and water only. Periodically check under the diffuser to keep the fan intake free of debris. Debris can be removed by blowing on the intake opening or wiping with a clean, dry cloth.”


Is anyone else out there reading this and going, “I’m supposed to clean it after EACH USE? Are you kidding me!? Half the time I just add new oils for bedtime to the bit of water left with whatever I was diffusing during the day!” Yeah… Me too. Ahem.


So, along with the by-the-book cleaning listed above, we’ve got confirmation from corporate about the recommended cleaning practices for our beloved diffusers, so you can keep yours humming along as much as ours do!


A Little Diffuser TLC

  • You can use the little sponge-stick that Young Living sent with the diffuser to wipe the the inside surfaces clean of residue– using rubbing alcohol when needed– but any sponge or rag should do the trick! Just be careful of the sensor.
  • Wipe the sensor itself carefully with a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol. Easy-peasy! But do be gentle…
  • Try to wipe it out quite routinely. Once a week would do you well (admittedly, I do it less…)
  • If you find you’ve racked up quite a lot of build-up, I’d pour some rubbing alcohol directly into it– especially to cover the sensor, but you can pour it as high up as the water goes, if you like!– and let it sit overnight. Then, wipe it out!
  • You can also soak your top in rubbing alcohol before wiping it thoroughly as well.
  • NEVER immerse your diffuser to wash it!!
  • Keep all liquid out of your diffuser’s fan intake, and away from the little hole on the inside, toward the top. It’s badbadBAD news to get liquid in there!
  • Remember, rubbing alcohol is the only recommended cleaner for your diffuser. Everything else will leave a residue– which is precisely what you’re trying to get rid of 🙂


One can never clean TOO often, can one? The next time you notice the build-up in your diffuser, just give it a little TLC and keep it working hard for your family’s health and wellness for years to come!


Leah from the OilyJoy Team


*Source: The Chemical Free Home by Melissa Poepping, CNHP

Joyfully Giving: The Young Living Foundation

Dedicated to Changing Lives

Young Living Foundation From Young Living: “Formerly known as the D. Gary Young Foundation, the Young Living Foundation is a powerful vehicle for good throughout the world. Over the years the foundation has evolved into the primary avenue through which Young Living demonstrates its commitment to empowering families and communities worldwide. As chairman of the board, Young Living founder D. Gary Young guides the foundation with his lifelong passion for helping to improve the lives people everywhere. Following his example, the foundation is dedicated to changing lives with greater impact than ever before.

Prior to the 2015 International Grand Convention, Young Living director of philanthropy Nikki Davis and philanthropy marketing manager Brittany Davis visited multiple organizations to which the foundation has been donating in both Kenya and Uganda. This visit resulted in three exciting new partnerships for the Young Living Foundation in Uganda: Sole Hope, African Hearts Community Organization, and Healing Faith Uganda.

Sole Hope
Sole Hope is a non-profit organization that provides shelter and medical relief from trained professionals to victims suffering from parasitic foot disease. If left untreated, the disease can lead to infections, paralysis, and even amputation. Beyond medical implications, those infected with the disease are often ostracized from their communities and become homeless. In addition to shelter and medical care, Sole Hope provides food to the sick and continuing health education in the villages of those affected, so they can be welcomed back home following recovery.

African Hearts Community Organization
Young Living Foundation African Hearts Community Organization is a rescue program for children living in the slums and streets of Kampala, Uganda. Either orphaned or abandoned by their parents due to poverty, these children are without food, shelter, and have very little clothing. African Hearts was founded and is currently directed by Lutaaya Abdul, who grew up in these slums. After watching multiple young friends die amid the horrific conditions, he felt a need to make a change. Despite setbacks, he established African Hearts to bring other children out of the slums and into transitional homes where they receive food, shelter, and social services, as well as a quality education through the African Hearts Junior School.

Healing Faith Uganda
Healing Faith Uganda provides malaria education, prevention, and treatment to rural villages. In Africa a child dies every 60 seconds from malaria. Through Healing Faith Uganda, a single donation of just $5 provides a mosquito net that can protect up to three children from malaria.”


How can we help?

From Young Living: “We will soon unveil the new Young Living Foundation website and marketing materials. Until then you can continue to donate to the Young Living Foundation in Virtual Office by clicking on the Young Living Foundation box to round your order total to the nearest dollar and/or by adding an additional donation amount.”


How awesome is it to be part of a company which reaches out in compassion to those in need globally! Let’s keep reaching out, friends…

Joyfully Giving: Support Nepal with Young Living

The Red Cross & Young Living

From the YL website: “On April 25, the country of Nepal suffered a devastating earthquake of 7.8 magnitude that took the lives of over 3,000 and caused extensive destruction to much of the region’s infrastructure. There is considerable need for food, water, medical care and emergency shelter, as the region continues to experience intense aftershocks.

The American Red Cross is mobilizing disaster specialists in the region and supporting the Nepal Red Cross as they provide immediate relief by providing food, water, first aid, search and rescue, blood to medical facilities and support to first responders. Young Living is proud to support the Red Cross’s efforts.

Young Living’s global commitment expands beyond selling products and owning farms all over the world. As a global citizen, we are deeply committed to ensuring the overall wellbeing of people worldwide, and accept our social responsibility to provide support when we are able. We are donating $25,000 to the American Red Cross relief fund, which supports the Nepal Red Cross efforts.”


How Can We Help?

In addition to Young Living’s $25,000 donation, They are matching up to an additional $25,000 of member donations made to the Red Cross through May 10, 2015. All proceeds will directly benefit the Nepal relief effort.

Let’s get donating toward the relief effort through YL’s partnership with the Red Cross and double the good that can be done!

Donate with YL & the Red Cross

Natural Lice Treatment with Young Living Essential Oils


I cringe when I hear the word. I truly thought it was something that happened to others and not to us. My 4 kids have been taught not to share brushes, hats, anything that someone else was wearing on their head. And we home school, so have much less exposure to other kids who might be carrying them. I thought our risk was pretty low. Imagine my horror when we found lice on my 1 year old a few months ago, and then realized everyone in our home had them— and we’d had no clue! We’d never had them before, so at first it was sheer panic. Then I went into research mode to figure out the best way to get rid of these vile new roommates.


Today I want to share with you my family’s extremely effective protocol. Sadly, there’s no easy way out of it, but if I can be this super diligent, so can you!!


Step 1: Oil up the family’s hair

First, I made up a mixture of olive oil with 4 drops Geranium, 4 drops Melaleuca Alternifolia, 4 drops Lavender, and 4 drops Thyme. I’ve also heard of people using Rosemary. If you don’t have all those just use as many of them as you have. Coat the scalp and mid-shaft thoroughly with that mixture and then leave it sit with a shower cap over it.


Step 2: Tackle everything their sweet head’s might have touched!

During the few hours it was on everyone’s heads, we went through the whole house and washed all bedding, and packed up all stuffed animals and dolls and put them outside in the cold for 2 weeks. We covered any furniture with sheets after vacuuming them off and spraying a mixture of vinegar, Lavender, and Melaleuca on them. I did the same with all the mattresses.


Step 3: Rinse & Comb through everyone’s hair

After two hours, carefully remove the shower cap. There will be plenty of little lice in it. Rinse the hair out in the bathtub. Next comes the painstaking combing out process for which you will need a nit comb. Comb each section very carefully and remove all dead lice and nymphs and any egg you see. I removed the eggs by cutting the strand it was on and then sealing the egg in a piece of tape. After you have thoroughly combed the hair you can wash it with shampoo and then mix up some vinegar with the above oils and pour over the hair and let it dry. The vinegar loosens the glue on the eggs so you can comb them out. The shampoo won’t pull all the grease out from the oil which is good. If there are still any live lice in the hair, their eggs won’t stick on the hair strand. I repeated this procedure twice the first day.


Step 4: Keep it up!

Each morning you’ll want to gather all bedding and throw it all in the dryer for a 50 min cycle. While it is in the dryer you can vacuum the mattresses and the floors in the bedrooms and change the sheets on the furniture. The 2nd day I re-did the oil process again and the long combing out, and that was the last I saw of any live lice. It only took us two days to have them gone!

For the next several days we combed with the nit comb through everyone’s hair once every day to pull eggs. After 5 days, we found no more eggs (yay!), so then we switched to an every other day schedule: both with the combing, and the bedding in the dryer. We did one more oil treatment under shower caps after 1 week– just to make sure. After two weeks, we put everything back together and I was so thankful it was done! I also purchased an electric comb and once a week now, I comb through the kids’ hair with it, just to make sure they don’t pick anything else back up. The electric comb kills the live lice so if you catch it right away you can stop it before it becomes an infestation… or, as I like to call it, a nightmare!!


Natural is the Way to Go

I talked to many others who treated lice in their families with the chemical shampoos you can pick up at any supermarket. Each family I spoke to said that they had to repeat the shampoos after two weeks because they were still finding lice. I LOVE that I got our family through it with no harsh toxins entering their bodies through the sensitive skin of their scalps, and that it was even more effective than the lice shampoos!

It was NOT a fun experience having those little critters in our house and I certainly hope we never have to go through it again, but I’m hoping our experience will help another family out there to get rid of them naturally and effectively with the use of Young Living essential Oils! And don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at OilyJoy if you’d like to get your hands on the oils I mentioned.


With love (and no lice!),

Hannah at OilyJoy

Joyfully Giving: Rising Hope Foundation

voiceDid you know that worldwide an estimated 27 million human beings are currently enslaved? Statistics predict 1 million people are being trafficked per year. That’s 3,000 (mostly) women and children sold into slavery a week. That’s 2 vulnerable lives trafficked per minute (source)… to meet a vile demand.


There just aren’t really any words. This is outrageous. It has to STOP.


But how? How can ordinary people like you and I do anything from where we are to make a tangible difference in this global struggle for the most basic of human rights? It’s no easy task and there’s no one way, but this month at OilyJoy, we’re using our small hands to hold back some of the blood from this far-reaching wound by joyfully giving to a US-based ministry dedicated to serving the souls whom have been rescued from sex slavery.


Rising Hope Foundation

Rising Hope Foundation is a Christian non-profit organization with a vision to inspire, lift, and provide a safe haven for, as well as the resources needed to rebuild and renew the lives of human trafficking victims here in the United States. It officially began in January 2012 with a mission to bring awareness to the crisis of Human Trafficking.


“Once we learned of this unbelievable atrocity,” writes Vickie Lecke, the vice-president of Rising Hope Foundation, “It just never let go of our hearts and we knew we had to do something.


Our goal is to build Rising Hope Foundation’s Freedom Center here in the peaceful and healing setting of Northern Minnesota. We are in the process of purchasing just under 12 acres of land for the 1st Freedom Center. All of our fundraising efforts this year through the promotion of Christian concerts and our Rising Hope Coffee National Youth Group/Church/Christian School fundraiser, endorsed by The Newsboys and Debbie Griffith from Everyday Matters, will go towards the land fund. We hope to pay off the land purchase of $50,000.00 in the next 1-2 years.


The Freedom Center will be a long-term care facility with the focus on total healing [for human trafficking victims]. We will assist in medical, dental, psychological, and spiritual healing. The center will also provide several different avenues for schooling, job training, and local mentoring– all the tools needed for these victims to be able to lead a fulfilling and happy life.”

You can help build this safe haven to rescue the women and children who have been so despicably misused by visiting and donating to the cause. Remember that a little drop can go a long way! You can give a one-off donation, or commit to a monthly sponsorship. When donating directly through the Rising Hope website, you will be emailed a copy of your tax-deductible receipt for your records. Such an easy way to raise up the light of hope in this reprehensible darkness.


If any of us at OilyJoy can aid you in getting your gifts to Rising Hope Foundation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Let’s “be the voice for those who have no choice”…


Leah at OilyJoy

Joyfully Giving: Aden’s Story

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whispersoflightphotography.comIt’s a new year, and time to implement a new aspect of OilyJoy life here on the blog. If you’ll hop on over to our Joyfully Giving page on the website, you’ll learn that we have intended from the beginning to use our platform at OilyJoy to shine light on various ministry opportunities in the world, to remind one another that we belong to a wider world than we even know made of souls just like yours and mine, and to support one another in holding our hands against the wounds of this big, beautiful, and sometimes harrowing place. 2015 is the time, friends!


We’d like to start sharing a worthy cause with you on a monthly basis, in the hopes that you might reach within yourself and ask what you can do to help. For some people, it will be praying for the cause, for some you’ll be able to share your financial resources, for others, you might be able to get in touch with the ministry, hop on a plane, and offer your practical help! Whatever way you can be involved, you and the ministry mentioned would be the stronger for it…


A Fellow Joiler’s Family

This month, though different from the ministries and non-profits we’ll be sharing about in the future, we want to start by sharing a worthy cause from very close to home for our OilyJoy team. A family local to where 4 of the 5 of us live in Northern MN have recently had the horrific news that their little 3-year-old son has a brain tumor. The Munson’s well of faith runs deep, but the demands on their family are of epic proportions right now, and we all know what health bills are like! Aden’s daddy works in North Dakota with the flurry of activity surrounding the pipeline, but has been taking time off to be here for the constant runs to and from Mayo with his wife and 3 little boys. Aden’s auntie has started a fundraising website for the family which will tell you much more about their story here: Aden Munson’s Story. Please visit and give what you can at this massively difficult time for this family!


Being one of our fantastic Joilers, we have the pleasure of knowing Aden’s mommy Christa and are aware of their need for a collection of specific oils at this time. We’re especially calling out to our fellow Joilers on this, but ANYONE can order any of these oils to bless the Munsons with! If you need any help to do so, please let us know. The Munson’s have great need for:

  1. Sacred Frankincense
  2. Frankincense
  3. Orange
  4. Tsuga
  5. Clove
  6. Sandalwood
  7. Ledum
  8. Idaho Balsam Fir
  9. Idaho Blue Spruce

Please contact Leah ( with any inquiries on how to support the Munsons with the blessing of oils, for their shipping address, etc. Let’s shower this young family with love and support as they walk this difficult road!


God bless the Munson family, and God bless us all as we pull together to shelter them…


Leah at OilyJoy

Airport Security & Young Living Essential Oils

Come Fly with Me…?

I must admit, some of my reluctance to invest in my oils at the beginning was because when I was introduced to them, I was traveling A LOT. Like… I had to scramble in between overseas ministry engagements to get extra pages added to my passport lest I be stranded in arrivals at the airport because they had no space to stamp in! And there seemed to be some confusion in the oily world about whether our oils could be taken through security or not– as if they might be made completely impotent by going through the x-rays. We know that they work so marvelously in our bodies because of their super-high electromagnetic frequencies, right? And we also know that the x-ray machines we send our luggage through at airport security used to mess with our various electrical items and film, right (source)? So are we avid oilers doomed to a grounded life from here on out, never to explore the mystical climes of anywhere we can’t reach by foot? Hmmm, thankfully not, because I have some photo shoots I’d really like to get to in Europe this week!!


Here’s What the Oily Travel Experts Say

  • First off, your oils are self-healing. So though the frequency of some oils may be affected by going through the scanners at first, they will normalize in time. You can even speed that process by rolling the bottles in your warm palms (did you know that hardcore aromatherapists recommend applying your oils in a certain circular motion, playing on this same theory of movement affecting the frequency?).
  • Each container holding liquid in a traveler’s carry-on luggage MUST hold only 100ml (guess what, your kids can each carry a quart-sized bag of 100ml containers too ;)). Watch out, though. If you have a container that CAN hold more than 100ml, but it’s only a quarter full, it may be chucked out. Keep it to containers which only carry 100ml or less. Most Young Living oil bottles are 5ml or 15ml in size, so you can carry a few in that quart-sized bag. Experienced oily travelers recommend keeping all of your 5ml bottles from your starter kit to refill later with any oils from your larger 15ml that you can’t live without, as you’ll be able to carry along more variety then in your travels!
  • You MUST place all of your liquids in 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-lock bag per traveler, and place this in the screening tray for inspection (some unfortunate oilers have decided to keep their oils in their purses, and have had them confiscated upon discovery!! Don’t do that…). If you have time, you MAY ask for your oils to be hand-checked. It will be down to the discretion of the TSA employee whether or not they’ll allow that. But honestly, your oils are going to be just fine going through the x-ray. So feel free to slide ’em on through with the rest of your carry-on.
  • You don’t have to worry about the 100ml limit on liquids in your checked luggage, but your checked luggage also goes through an x-ray scanning system– usually a bit more powerful than the one the carry-on luggage goes through (source). Make sure that you seal your oils in your checked luggage in a plastic bag as well, and pad them well. Sometimes those poor checked bags get a good walloping before they arrive at the carousel where you collect them!flyingwithOils


A Jet-Lag Tip

If there’s one thing worse than breathing canned air with hundreds of strangers sharing your airplane, coughing and sneezing and spreading all their delightful germs in your space (Thank You, Lord, for Thieves & Lemon, and all of the immune system supporting oils, really!!), it’s the fabulous effects of jet-lag once you reach your destination. Pack your Peppermint and Eucalyptus oils to apply in the morning as you fight your jet-lag, and Lavender and Peace & Calming as you lay down at night in your body’s new time zone to help ease your adjustment!


These potent little pieces of God’s medicine cabinet have more applications to your life than you could count! Don’t jump across the pond, or over the mountains, or through any time zones without them! …And I won’t either 😉

Bon Voyage & God speed!


Leah at OilyJoy


[Please remember that Information shared here is not intended as medical advice, and cannot substitute for professional medical advice and information. We are simply sharing experiences. For more obligatory disclaimer information, please visit our disclaimer page.]

Why Should I Join the Joilers?

defineJoiler So…

you’ve been searching the web, and found like a bazillion Young Living distributors through whom you can chose to begin your journey into Young Living oils with. So, why should you choose to be a Joiler? Well, let us tell you what advantages you would have by joining through us.



First and foremost, we want to focus on the support you’d be offered. When you become a member, you’ll be invited to join a private facebook group exclusive to our Joilers. This resource serves as a place where you can ask questions and receive support. You’ll receive answers from the five of us (and more!), who not only have experience with the oils, but have attended trainings and conferences, to help ensure that we’re providing accurate information. In addition, you’ll build friendships with others beginning this journey just like you. We’ve been so encouraged by the community of support our Joilers have become for one another, as their knowledge and experience with the oils increases. That is the exact purpose we created the chat group to fulfill…a place to invest in the lives of one another as we seek a lifestyle of healing & health.


Everyday we see people signing up with Young Living distributors, and then not receiving the help and support they need to fully take advantage of the health benefits these oils provide, and so they give up. It makes us sad, as we know the value these oils have, and hear testimonies daily of how they change lives. It is devastating to watch people walk away from them because they just weren’t given the support they needed to discover their value. We will never let that happen to one of our members!!


JOILERS.COM (Your backoffice on steroids!!)

Next, when you become a part of our team, you are given access to an exclusive private website we like to call your backoffice. The tools available to you there are a collaboration of 5 of us (and now, also our Joilers!) pooling the resources we spent countless hours and years pulling together and creating for our Joilers. We anticipate you having a lot of questions at first, and so we organized those resources in such a way as to make the answers readily available to you. Whatever state of knowledge you have concerning the oils, you will be equipped with the education you need to attain your goals. Whether you’re just getting started and have no idea what questions to even ask to learn more, or maybe you’re ready to dive in deep and start making major changes in your home to meet your families needs more naturally. Or, perhaps you’re wanting to take advantage of the opportunity to create income with YL. Wherever you are in this journey, we will meet you there!! The hours of time you will save by having these resources readily available is priceless!! Your knowledge will be accelerated, which will be valuable to you, but also make you a crucial resource in the lives of those you love.



As you begin to see value in the oils and want to share them with others, we’ve got you covered there too. We have marketing tools like business cards, pamphlets for distribution, access to our marketing materials printing account, and personalized graphics all ready to share. We also have an amazing personalized online handbook that walks you through the oils and how to get started. We have powerpoints prepared for you to teach your own classes with, along with videos designed to show you how to do it. We also have a business builders facebook group that you can join, where you’ll be provided with further essential information on how to build your business if that’s the route you’d like to go.



Many Young Living independent distributors pay a monthly fee to have a website where they can send those who show interest in the products. We have provided you with a website to serve that exact purpose that is FREE to you!!! is a website open for the public to view. We’ve packed it full of information, answering the main questions we’ve been asked through the years from people showing interest. That is yet another time-and-money-saving feature! You can direct your family, friends and prospective members there to find the answers they’re needing.JointheJoilers


Blood, sweat and tears have gone into the resources we offer to you as a Joiler (hehe!). Above all, we just want to see you using the oils as they will literally rock your world!! But, we sure hope we get to be a part of your journey! If you should choose to be a part of our team of Joilers, we are confident you will not be disappointed.


To learn more about how to gain access to all the perks of being a Joiler, speak to the Joiler who referred you to this post, or contact us at OilyJoy!



Your OilyJoilers

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